"OFF MARKET" option


For several years we have noticed that to much advertising of a property is counterproductive.

This is the reason why our "Off Market" services please to many clients who are looking for discretion.

It offers the possibility for owners-sellers to preserve the confidentiality of their properties avoiding to much posting on inappropriate websites.

So the properties are not visible in the agency window, nor on internet portals, nor on magazines specialised to real estate.

With the agreement of the owner-seller the property may only be published on the CARLSON INTERNATIONAL REALTY website, but without its price, without photos, only with the "OFF MARKET" logo.

The property will be offered to a selected clientele "without advertising" thanks to our private network after a physical meeting in our office.

Owners, we propose to work on your property from 1 million euros in all discretion through our "Off Market" formula.
Don't hesitate to contact us for more info.